“Ebguri Guard” LLC is a private security company, which holds a license since July 10, 2023, operates throughout Georgia and serves a wide range of clients.

Ebguri Guard is led by management with ten years of experience, who have extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of security. It is staffed with trained, highly qualified personnel trained for specific activities.

The extensive skills, knowledge and experience gained by the “Ebguri Guard” team over ten years provide a solid foundation and guarantee that the quality of the services we offer is high.

The company is constantly focused on perfecting the service and implementing innovative, flexible, effective ideas.


The company offers its customers a high-quality service in accordance with international security standards, which includes:

  • Individual alarm systems, which include: intrusion detectors; External perimeter sensors.
  • Access systems;
  • Alarm system;
  • Video Control;
  • Live security;
  • private guard;
  • Security of event(s);
  • Cargo delivery;
  • GPS control;

Company values

Honesty – honesty and trustworthiness towards customers.

Alertness – the ability to see, hear and effectively assess and solve a situation.

Help – offering help, regardless of whether the incident is directly related to the performance of our duties.


The mission of “Ebguri Guard” team is:

  • Security and protection of partner companies and their businesses so that they can focus only on growing their business and their customer base.
  • Creating a healthy environment within the partner organizations and ensuring the safety of employees.
  • Striving for excellence and establishing a leadership status in the field of private security activities.

“Ebguri Guard” guarantees your peace, protection and safety.